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The History of Childrens Toys

The History of Children ‘s Toys

Before the 20th Century kids had few toys and people they did have had been prized. Additionally kids did not have a lot of time to playwith. Just a minority went to college but most kids were expected to help their parents performing simple tasks around the home or from the fields. Egyptian kids played similar games into those kids play now.

In Ancient Greece when boys weren’t at school and women weren’t working they played basketball matches with inflated pig’s bladders. They also played with knuckle bones.

Roman kids Played clay or wooden dolls and hoops. They also played basketball games and board games. They also played with creature knuckle bones.

Toys changed Little throughout the centuries. From the 16th century kids still played with wooden dolls. (They were known as Bartholomew infants since they were sold in St Bartholomew’s honest in London). You needed to swing the handle and attempt to grab the ball from the cup).

The first dolls Then in 1693 that the English philosopher John Locke explained that ‘dice and playthings’ with letters on them would help kids to learn the bible.
Modern Toys

The industrial revolution enabled toys to be mass produced and the slowly became more economical.

John Spilsbury He planned to teach geography by clipping maps into bits but soon people started making jigsaws for amusement. The Kaleidoscope was devised in 1817. In 1693 the philosopher John Locke explained that ‘dice and playthings’ with letters on them would help kids to learn the bible.

From the 19th Century middle class women played with wood or ceramic dolls. Additionally they had dolls homes, model stores and skipping ropes. Boys played with toys such as marbles and toy soldiers in addition to toy trains. (A few toy trains had functioning motors fueled by methylated spirits). However poor kids had few toys and frequently had to create their own.

In a nicely off 19th century household kids played with rocking horses and clockwork toys such as moving critters. Clockwork trains were also common. So was that the jack-in-the-box.

Simple toys Like spinning tops were also common. So were hoops and matches such as knuckle bones and also pick up sticks where you needed to pick coloured sticks from a pile without disturbing the others.

On Sundays Kids often played with toys using a religious topics such as Noah’s arks with wooden creatures. Kids also adored magic lantern (slip) shows and puppet shows.

Life from the 19th Century

Several New toys Additionally in 1900 Frank Hornby devised a toy named meccano. Other popular toys from the early 20th century have been tin cars. From the 1920s train places became highly common.

During World But from the late 20th century with the advent of a wealthy society metal and plastic toys became considerably cheaper and a great deal more common. From the 1950s Lego became a favorite toy. Mr Potato Head was devised in 1952. From the early 1970s area hoppers and clackers were popular toys. At the conclusion of the 20th-century computer games became highly common.

The History of Children 's Toys


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